It is Packaging that sells Products.
  Technical Diagram for Aluminum Collapsible Tubes

Shapes of Nozzle for Aluminium Tubes

Open Mouth Membrance Tube Membrance Tube
with Platic Nozzle
Plastic Nozzle
insert / outsert
Elongated Nozzle Star Shaped Orifice

Tube Shoulder

Plain or Enameled Ringed Star Shaped
United Tubes can either have a standard round opening or be equipped with a membrane (for tamper-proofing) or with Applicators.

We use Internal Lacquer as per our customers' specific requirements for their different type of fillings and its careful application thereof, which are absolutely necessary for the tube’s contents. The internal lacquer prevent the contents form re-acting the material and wise-versa.The Latex coating within the fold guarantees impermeability of the tubes.
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